Hi Everyone!! 

New items have been added finally, and all May preorders have been shipped 🎉 Thank you again to everyone who placed a preorder in May!!

All May preorder items are now in stock for regular purchase. 

You can check out all the newest arrivals here or here! There's a lot of new items in stock!!


 Will you be selling prints?

Yes! I will sell my prints in the near future and am currently preparing the packaging items needed to ship them out safely!



  • Brisnova 5th-6th November
  • OZCC Christmas (TBC)


Other extra things to note:

  • Monthly newsletter temporary paused since I do not have the time at the moment to keep up with that. You can still subscribe to the email newsletter for potential discount codes and sales in the future. 
  • Etsy shop is currently CLOSED until further notice. However, UK/EU customers can now order from this shop. Please see FAQ for more details about Tax and VAT!

Thanks everyone, and have a lovely spooky month!


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