Detailed Update: May 2022

Hello hello! 

First of all WOW 😭!! Thank you so much for all the support on the pre-orders, especially the FFXIV Job omamoris! I didn't expect to receive so many orders for it but I am over the moon about it 😭 It was really a heart-beat-fast moment watching the numbers jump up every so hours when I launched them. 

So what happens now? At the moment I am in contact with my manufacturers. I've placed in sample orders for certain merchandise to ensure it is what I want and then placing the bulk order once I've approved. Production for the pre-order items generally take about 1-1.5 months to be made and shipped to me, however due to COVID related restrictions, this may impend on the production time and extend it.

 Production Phase can be broken down like this for those interested:
  1. Pre Order period.
  2. Contacting manu and receiving the proof checks/making necessary adjustments. 
  3. Approvement of proofs. 
  4. Producing the merch (usually the part that takes the longest). 
  5. Shipment of merch. 
  6. Receiving the merch and checking the quality (which may involve back and forth with the manu)
  7. Packing orders and sending them!  

 Of course, I will be updating about production as it happens which you can find on:

  • Shop Updates, a general simple overview of what's happening each month with new items, pre orders, production phases.
  • Twitter, where you will find the most recent updates, including pictures of the new merch!
  • Monthly newsletter (sign up found at the bottom of the front page),  about the what has happened in the month, what's coming up, and occasional discount/offer codes sent via email at the end of each month.

Alright! That was a bit lengthy but I hope that helps you understand a little! Now for some more exciting stuff, the reveal of the secret merch I've been making 👀... 



 Yay!! I'm excited to announce I've got 6 extra new things lined up (so far. There is more coming.) that are currently in production phase! These are not for pre order! These are made in limited quantities and restock is uncertain. They will be made available with priority to the conventions that I am attending*, which then any leftovers will be placed up here for sale. 

Speaking of conventions! Here is the line up this year for me:

 OZCC, Melbourne, 11th - 12th June

SMASH, Sydney, 16th-17th July 

Crunchyroll Expo, Melbourne, 17th-18th September (TBC)

Supanova, Brisbane, 5th-6th November

 *PLEASE NOTE: The new items including the May pre order items may not arrive in time for certain cons. At the moment I am looking at May pre order items to be arriving in Mid July, and these newer items to be arriving anywhere between August-Nov. 

I've mentioned this before but if the May pre order items do arrive before (hopefully) Smash, anyone attending will be able to request for pick up instead and have delivery fees refunded! I will make an announcement if that is the case.  

Alright, this turned out to be a lengthy news update but that's all for now! 



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